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Farmers’ Markets!

Happy Spring and Summer!

We are looking forward to sharing our food and visiting with you this summer at some local farmers’ markets! Here is an update on where we’ll be this year.
Saturdays: Marshall Area Farmers Market starting May 21 from 8am-1pm.
Tuesdays: Texas Township Farmers’ Market starting June 7 from 4pm-7pm.
Wednesdays: South Haven Farm Market starting June 1 from 8am-2pm.
Come and visit us! We’ll have Chia Crunch, MidNight Crunch, KaraComets, Two Mittens Pancake/Waffle Mix, and an assortment of our gluten-free cookies, biscotti and muffins available. Occasionally, we’ll have Bailey’s Chocolate Cupcakes. They are gluten-free and are so rich and moist, not grainy and tasteless, like other gluten-free cupcakes.
Special orders are welcome!
We hope to see you out shopping for your fresh vegetables and fruits too!
See you soon!

Denise and Kara

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School Time!

Do you dread thinking about fund raising for your school?  Why is that?  It seems that most items just aren’t that healthy with lots of empty calories that have average taste appeal.  Who really benefits?

What if your school could sell products that would be tasty healthy food AND benefit local businesses, helping with the local food system?  Farmraiser  is the ANSWER!  This is so EASY!  Just create an account and purchase.  Benefits go to your school and you get fabulous products!