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Hello “Foodies”!

Kara and I (the DoughChicks) have not only been baking our usual fare (i.e., KaraComets, Rawket Bites and Chia Crunch), we are making and baking other foods as well.  February is the perfect time to bake in our home kitchen.  Breads and sweets have been in abundance in our home.  This means extra calories need to be burned, so Kara and I are training for the Borgess Run for the Health of It half marathon in May! Kara is also going to run the firstPortage Winter Blast Run on February 17!  The DoughChicks are sponsors for this event.  There are still spots available for the 5k event, so come on out and run!

We love being involved in any type of event that promotes health and wellness.  We have been asked to make several lunches for the vendors that are participating in the Kzoo Baby & Family Expo.  This means we are making the focaccia bread, chocolate chunk cookies, and Greek hummus.  We get to cook up some bacon also—oops, maybe not so healthy…but everything else will make up for it, right?

We are also participating in the Bronson Winter Farmers Market held in the hospital café the first Friday of every month.  We have all our products available plus our Orange-Cranberry Biscotti and Vanilla Cookies (with pure cane juice crystals).  The biscotti are Italian cookies, traditionally complemented with coffee or tea.  But these treats melt in your mouth, so a hot beverage isn’t required to enjoy them!  The Vanilla Cookies have an amazing texture and taste.  Eating the whole bag of them is not out of the question!  Our use of organic flours, sugars, and non-hydrogenated shortening make these cookies one of a kind.  And as a bonus: both cookies just happen to be gluten free…but don’t let that stop you from enjoying these special treats!

The Orange Cranberry Biscotti and Vanilla Cookies are now available at Beer and Skittles.  Check out this fun shop!

Tiffany’s Wine & Spirits, the Kalamazoo Nature Centerand Tudor House: Tea & Spice (located on the mall downtown) now all carry our products.  At Tudor House, be sure to try the Orange Chili Tea with our RawKet Bites—the best winter-afternoon treats combination ever!

As usual, we have our products available at Sawall Health Foods, the Natural Health Center, the People’s Food Co-OpApple Valley Natural Foods, and at Something Better Natural Foods.

One more thing:  check out our new website.  Let us know what you think!

We wish you all a very healthy Michigan (or wherever you may be) winter!

Happy Eating!