About DoughChicks

Kara Steely attended culinary arts school in Appleton, WI.  She was unable to finish due to her multiple learning disabilities. Even then, she pursued her dream of baking and cooking.  She became successful due to her perseverance to improve her skills and make others happy.  Kara and her mom, Denise Steely started delivering breads and confections to school teachers, friends and neighbors.

They soon became known as the “DoughChicks”

Can-Do Kitchen Graduation

The DoughChicks started out in The Farm Market Kitchen in Algoma, WI.  Kara received a grant for young entrepreneurs.  The DoughChicks were provided free rent for three months.  They accomplished all goals set for the business which included providing products to a few cafe’s as well as a successful restaurant (Caffe Tlazo) in Algoma.  They continued to grow until they decided to relocate in Michigan to be near family.

Now the DoughChicks process their foods in the Can-Do Kitchen in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Besides baking, Kara participates in local running events and takes care of her dogs.

Our Purpose:

First of all, we love food and love to share it!  Second, baking and creating good nutritious food gives Kara purpose to use the skills she has;   Giving her the opportunity to be self sufficient for the rest of her life.

Our Promise:

Our food will sustain your blood-sugar level while giving you the fuel needed to get through the day with natural and delicious ingredients.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide tasty nutrient-dense and convenient food for busy and active people!