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November Pies!!

blueberry pie dutch apple pie and Pecan

Hello Foodies!

Cheers to autumn and all the coming holidays! I do love fall—not only for the colors but I love pulling out my jeans and a sweatshirt. Then there’s baking . . . baking pies!

The DoughChicks are getting excited to make pies for you! We use the best ingredients available while keeping the delicious taste, just like your grandma used to make.
Organic palm oil (a non-hydrogenated oil) takes the place of the vegetable shortening (a hydrogenated oil containing saturated fat that can lead to heart disease), just enough organic sugar (a slightly lower glycemic index level than the refined), and fresh fruit are a few of the good ingredients. We make our traditional crust with unbleached wheat flour. Pies made from our own mix of gluten-free flours are also available!
Just email us if you are interested in ordering!

The Kalamazoo Area Runners (KAR) Turkey Trot is approaching and we will be running Thanksgiving morning. Come run with us and have a KaraComet afterwards and hopefully win a pie!
Have a fabulous November!