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DoughChicks in 2015

Happy 2015!

Thank you to all of you “foodies” for trusting and supporting the DoughChicks over the past year. Thanks also to our amazing stores that supply our “Fuel4Motion”: Sawall Health Foods, Portage Pharmacy, Natural Health Center, People’s Food Co-Op, Bronson Hospital Cafes, Richland Meat Center, Apple Valley (Battle Creek), and Something Better Natural Foods. The DoughChicks couldn’t do it without their support! Thanks to the Can-Do Kitchen for providing a licensed kitchen for small food processors like us!

As most of you have noticed, we (DoughChicks) changed our packaging for our granola and the KaraComets this last year. Along with the packaging, our logo, tag and graphics have been updated. We wanted to portray the focus of why we make nutrient-dense snacks and food.

Kara at Farmers' Market
Kara at Farmers’ Market

“Fuel4Motion” is exactly what it is! Our website then was updated with a fresh new look!

Chia Crunch is now in a clear stand-up bag so you can see the actual “yumminess” inside. It also makes it easier to pour into your bowl or hands!

Due to increased awareness of “portion control” we have reduced the size of the KaraComet (and the price!). It is the perfect size to keep in a pocket, purse, office drawer, or glove compartment. This little circle of “fuel” now contains organic chocolate chips. They have amazing taste and will gratify any cravings you have!

Since we love to make people happy, we also introduced a new flavor of granola. What’s better than adding chocolate to granola? Right? We add the same organic chocolate we use in the KaraComets, eliminated the nuts (for those who can’t or prefer not to eat them) and sweetened it with our local unfiltered honey. This created some substantial chunks of bliss called “MidNight Crunch”. It’s better than any granola bar!

We have been delighted to provide Chia Crunch and MidNight Crunch to People’s Food Co-Op
in the bulk section. Chia Crunch is available in the cereal tubes. MidNight Crunch is in the snack bins. Go get it! You’ll love it.
Along with our normal baking schedule, the DoughChicks enjoy sponsoring community events that involve “motion”. We provided Blueberry and Dutch Apple pies and KaraComets to the Kalamazoo Area Runners Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. We will be providing the “Crunches” and KaraComets at the Portage Winter Blast Half Marathon Run on March 1, 2015. The Kal-Haven Trail Run is happening in April and will be providing some snacks to keep those teams in “motion”! Go to the link to sign up!

We are looking forward to serving you this coming year. Let us know what we can do for you!

Healthy Eating!

Denise and Kara